Friday, 19 July 2013

Can visual jokes create engagement?

I have got old news from you...

I'm a fan of and recently sent them the above Slideshare presentation I created using comedy sketches I wrote for a radio show a few years back. Sadly they were rejected again, in all their visual glory by this fine prank website.

Today I had another go with an idea that came to me looking at Benedict Cumberbatch in his Assange role. He looked very much like Warhol, so I did an image search and found confirmation in a picture on Wikimedia. I took the picture from, turned it into black and white and created this spoof in Quark 5, then pdfed it, then turned it into a jpg (I don't have InDesign on my computer, nor the latest version of Quark, hence the long-winded process). I tweeted it and while double-checking the spelling of the surname of this fine, attractive actor, I realised it was his birthday! So I tweeted it again as a birthday card of sorts.

I'm going to post this joke on Facebook and Pinterest too.  Let's see what happens. Not expecting much, maybe a laugh or two from my followers.

Pinterest version

And I have a companion... in the Private Eye stylee...

UPDATE.... another one placed on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

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