Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What the SEO??? PPC explained

Project by mscherbear - Creative Commons
So I did an image search for PPC and this was the cutest... PPC as a keyword has serious issues image-wise at least in the Creative Commons Universe. But moving away from pretty ponies to PAY PER CLICK, I have found today a really good article about it. The article is giving information from a small business point of view and you can find it here.

This article (and the mentioned digital guide) resonates with me as I am mostly working with small businesses or for non-profit organisations with modest budgets. Plus as a content provider I am cheaper than hiring a PPC agency, which might backfire or be too costly. I still believe PPC is for promotions only, you need to think of SEO as a long-term objective and content marketing is the way to go. When I say content, I include videos, photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, not just WORDS.

Read the article and leave a comment if you wish. I'd welcome PPC experiences!