Saturday, 6 September 2014

SEO is like the Phoenix


I have been busy writing other people's blogs, websites and so on, so I have neglected my own (website and blog), but I am planning to come back to it (the blog). I am to teach a digital marketing course and would like to share insights - I am sure I can learn something from a younger generation who, unlike me, grew up with digital technology.

Plenty has happened in the SEO world and again we had articles saying SEO is dead, but it is not. What has changed - no change there - is Google's algorithms, the "dreaded" updates come thick and fast.

What hasn't changed is that content is still king. So if you have developed a healthy content marketing strategy, you don't need to worry. For those who think that hiring a copywriter is a luxury or they believe they can do it themselves with a small aubergine: a well-worded website or blog post can generate sales.

So please trust a copywriter to know how to present your products, make them appealing to the target market and hire a marketing consultant to diffuse your message. I do both things but it has taken me a few years to hone these skills, despite a prior career in journalism. Writing for the web is a specialised skill, plus you need to keep abreast of what Google is up to and follow regulation. Here is the regulation for the UK; 

I will be back!