Friday, 10 January 2020

Welcome to the roaring '20s

My analytics reporting template can now be downloaded!

Hello there, I know, long time, no see. I did not get any feedback on last year's post about my analytics success. This continues as this year's analytics have confirmed the rising trend. Not as dramatic as last year's but I can work with it.

I am a strong believer that quality content helps with SEO and Google has been a bit more proactive promoting useful content (articles, images, infographics, videos...), valuable information and well-developed websites. As paid ads don't convert as highly any more, it's time to focus on organic, not new to me as I have always been organic (with a brief foray into paid social media, which was mercifully brief).

I am doing Google and social media analytics for this website: and I am keen to share my knowledge, so here is a template of my report. Download it from my home page: The link is under the heading Digital Strategy.

Happy SEO and sorry for the irregular posting. I am doing onsite contract work now so it has been a bit more hectic.