Saturday, 11 May 2013

Slideshare experiment + harnessing power of social media

Making the most of the internet  - my first Slideshare foray

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm trying out Slideshare as a digital marketing tool. In a matter of days I got 2070 views, an amazing result for a Slideshare novice (+ Powerpoint beginner - yes, I use its templates still!). 

I only had one 'old' presentation there (Making the most of the internet, at the top) but with very few views because I had only tweeted about it once or twice. This time round, each new presentation was tweeted, pinned, facebooked, g+ed and linkedin-ed.

I took up a Slideshare challenge to mark the 10th birthday of LinkedIn (above). I then contacted one of the sites I recommended on Lucky 7 steps to let them know I had featured them. This gained me an endorsement (scroll down till you see Ming). Thanks Ana for your comments, I know you are a busy lady!

I'm also experimenting with branding - I have launched a Take 5 series, starting with a very popular topic (see above). I haven't invested a huge amount of time in all this - I'm doing it on top of a full-time marketing job, so I'm pleased about the results I got so far.

So if I can sum this up, the lesson I learnt is: come up with a popular theme, share like mad and do some blog outreach!

PS: If somebody wants to appear in my Take 5 series, I'm doing the first one for free! You need to provide me with 5 enticing facts about yourself or your company...

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