Monday, 17 September 2012

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21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks up your Time

Making the most of the web & networking 
I spent the evening of my birthday giving a talk entitled The internet doesn't byte: from virtual reality to practicality (click on the title to download it). This talk is general in scope to accommodate a wide audience, but you will find some business stuff thrown in, here and there. And there is a section on social media with the tagline: addictive but full of goodness.

I'm online seven days a week, so why make an exception on my big day? Prior to the talk I went to Camjelly to hear business mentor Ann Hawkins discuss social media and networking, so I could say that I gave myself the gift of the web and shared it.

Time management: Grace's way
A while ago I signed up to receive Grace's motivating newsletters, so I was delighted to hear that she has condensed and refined her wisdom into a book called 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks up your Time. Available from Amazon at $5.97, it offers, as the title suggests, 21 practical tips to organise your time, which is particularly tricky if you have family and/or other commitments. 

There is a "curious" section on how to beat perfectionism, not usually considered a flaw in business, but for a nit-picker like me (born pedant and graduated with honours from the pedant school of subeditors), it could yield several handy tips. The same goes for procrastination - I'm not a natural procrastinator with my troubleshooting and problem-solving nature, but there are chores that get pushed down the list of priorities because of their innate tediousness. 

According to Amazon, customers who ordered this book also bought a guide on recruiting, one on making money speaking and the Barefoot Executive.

SEO article reviews
I went for a two-week holiday in August and due to an Italian pesky hill, our dongle failed to pick up any signal. I had internet access only on the road at various hotels offering wifi, on the way to and back from Italy, but zilch in Italy. So it was with trepidation that I logged into my work email account and found over 600 emails. As I got back, my clients "pounced on me" so I didn't have much time to read all the very useful articles I was sent, which I usually share on Twitter. So here is a selected bunch published from August to early September:

I'm off to deal with my mountain of emails - I'm still far from the top! If you want to recommend any interesting article you have come across, please leave a comment alongside the link.

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